I am more than familiar with feeling empty
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Stay in moment and keep last forever

"I know your faded, but stay don’t close your eyes" -Rhye (Open)


"Frozen hearts growing colder with time" -Daughter (Winter)

It’s a wrap! Sneak peek photo shoot “Our REPRO” for @provokemagazine issue #95 (November). Wardrobe by @ouvalresearch. Muchas gracias for @jengkinanti & @inpusar.

"Burning flames"
ALICE live at Heavy Fest #2, circa 2011.

JERUJI “Warlock” album launch at UNPAS
Setiabudhi, Bandung. on January, 12nd 2011. #ThrowbackThursday

Edz of Hellbeyond live at Heavy Fest #2, circa January 2011. #ThrowbackTuesday

Exclusive Interview with Burgerkill (Teaser) from megalauman on Vimeo.

Making an exclusive interview (video teaser) with Burgerkill for Provoke! magazine is up now on for complete version. Go check out now! Cheers \m/

Sky for Tomorrow