I am more than familiar with feeling empty
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"Silence is a source of Great Strength." -Lao Tzu

Old brahmin cites the mantra.
Fire warms your dream
Bird echoed the song
Lake mirroring our soul
Tat Tvat Amsi
The universe always inside you.
Hear Rusa Militan at Summer & Rain Music and Camping Festival 2014.

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Momentary Bliss

Babam the kitten


Kelab Baca Trio Angkasa played a song ‘Montevideo’ in EPIC Exhibition Management UNPAD gigs, circa 2011.

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"It’s quiet now. So quiet that can almost hear other people’s dreams." -Gayle Forman

seeing through the lens

Elemental Gaze, their sound takes off from a rather dark place but will almost always progress into a brighter place before finally ending. Pic takes on Elemental Showcase at Mondo Cafe, Kemang, Jakarta.

"… and if you’re still breathing, you’re the lucky ones. ‘cause most of our feelings they are dead and they are gone…" -Daughter (Youth)